Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1: Cash On Delivery.

The following Terms of Use apply to your access and the use of this website and the services provided herein by BURGERFM. By accessing any page of this website and/or using the services, you agree to be boundby these terms of use without limitation or qualification.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not access this website and/or utilize its services.

  • The information, materials, functions and contents provided in the pages of this website may be changed from time to time with or without notice. Your continued access or use of the website and/or the services provided herein subsequent to any such change will be deemed as your acceptance to those changes.
  • When you visit this website (http://www.burgerfm.com/store/index.php?controller=contact) or email us at admin@burgerfm.com, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate/reply you by e-mail, call or sms.
  • All prices quoted are in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • You agree to provide true, accurate and complete details to our online registration form.
  • Payment being made does not mean that your transaction has been accepted. We will only send confirmation via email for purchases that has been verified as genuine.
  • When purchasing transacting online, you will be prompted with a box that reads "I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as stated by the website". If you have not read or do not understand the Terms & Conditions, please do not proceed with the transaction.
  • Business days are defined as Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Orders received before 8pm will be processed and dispatched during same day.
  • This is not a guarantee that we will deliver within this timeframe, however we will use every effort within reasonable limits to deliver your order to you within the estimated delivery time.
  • Once a BURGERFM voucher has been sent, no modifications may be made to that gift voucher.
  • Gift vouchers sold are neither non-refundable nor exchangeable.
  • BURGERFM vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
  • The use of each gift voucher must be in conjunction with the voucher’s Terms and Conditions, and BURGERFM Terms of Use.
  • No party shall publish or use any advertising, sales promotions, press releases, image of cash or meal vouchers or other publicity which bears our name, logo, trademarks or service marks without our prior written approval.
  • Kindly ensure and confirm your order before signing any documents including shipment delivery form. Please contact us immediately at 085420101 / 0128925657(BURGERFM HOTLINE) should there be any issues that arise. BURGERFM does not accept any responsibility for any lost, stolen or fraudulent vouchers. Once gift vouchers have been received, it is the recipient's responsibility to ensure its safe keeping.
  • BURGERFM shall not be responsible or liable for any damages (whether, direct, indirect, special or consequential), late or non-delivery of gift voucher, loss, embarrassment, goodwill expenses or loss of profit incurred or suffered by you in the following circumstances:
    1. This website not being available;
    2. The delivery address being incorrect;
    3. Refusal from you (should such situations occur, the purchase is considered delivered & no refunds will be made);
    4. Any access, use or inability to access or use this website and/or any other website linked to this website;
    5. Any failure, delays in transmission, interruption, errors, omission or breakdown of any equipment, system, server software or terminal of BURGERFM or of the payment gateway;
    6. Attack or interference by any computer virus, corruption, worms or by any person;
    7. Improper or unauthorized use of this website, through your username and password or any other of your security codes;
    8. The taking and compliance of any of your requests or instructions via this website or any of its affiliate websites;
    9. Any inaccuracies, errors, defects of any content of this website or other websites linked to this website;
    10. Any technical malfunction of your computer terminal, systems or software used in accessing this website;
    11. The destruction or alteration of your request, data or information transmitted by you to BURGERFM or its affiliate websites;
    12. Natural disaster, violence, warlike situations and/or any other reasons beyond our control
  • You shall not impersonate or attempt to impersonate another user or any other person by using the name, address, credit card information, e-mail address of login name and password of any other user or person for any reason whatsoever without prior consentor forge a header or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origins of an e-mail.
  • BURGERFM reserves the right to request additional information or documentation from time to time for verification purpose.
  • You shall immediately notify BURGERFM (admin) if it comes to your knowledge that your password has been compromised or there has been unauthorized use of your account or gift voucher.
  • BURGERFM reserves the right not to honor any online sales transaction if we have reason to believe that the transaction is fraudulent and if you have failed to provide accurate and complete information at the time of application.
  • No cancellation will be accepted upon confirmation of purchase. 

Syarat 1: Bayaran Tunai semasa Penghantaran.

Terma Penggunaan berikut terpakai untuk akses anda dan penggunaan laman web ini dan perkhidmatan yang diberikan di sini oleh BURGERFM. Dengan mengakses mana-mana laman web ini dan / atau menggunakan perkhidmatan, anda bersetuju untuk mematuhi syarat-syarat penggunaan ini tanpa batasan atau kelayakan.

*Jika anda tidak bersetuju dengan Syarat Penggunaan ini, sila jangan mengakses laman web ini dan / atau menggunakan perkhidmatannya.

*Maklumat, bahan, fungsi dan kandungan yang disediakan di laman web ini boleh ditukar dari semasa ke semasa dengan atau tanpa notis. Akses terus atau penggunaan laman web dan / atau perkhidmatan anda yang berterusan di sini selepas apa-apa perubahan sedemikian akan dianggap sebagai penerimaan anda terhadap perubahan tersebut.

*Apabila anda melayari laman web ini (http://www.burgerfm.com/store/index.php?controller=contact) atau emel kami di admin@burgerfm.com, anda berkomunikasi dengan kami secara elektronik. Kami akan berkomunikasi / membalas anda melalui e-mel, panggilan atau sms.

*Semua harga disebut harga dalam Ringgit Malaysia (RM).
*Harga boleh berubah tanpa notis terlebih dahulu.
*Anda bersetuju untuk memberikan butiran yang benar, tepat dan lengkap kepada borang pendaftaran dalam talian kami.
*Bayaran yang dibuat tidak bermakna bahawa transaksi anda telah diterima. Kami hanya akan menghantar pengesahan melalui e-mel untuk pembelian yang telah disahkan sebagai tulen.

*Apabila membeli transaksi dalam talian, anda akan diminta dengan kotak yang berbunyi "Saya memahami dan menerima Terma dan Syarat seperti yang dinyatakan oleh laman web". Jika anda belum membaca atau tidak memahami Terma & Syarat, sila jangan meneruskan transaksi.

*Hari perniagaan ditakrifkan sebagai Isnin hingga Jumaat, 9 pagi hingga 5 petang. Pesanan yang diterima sebelum 8 malam akan diproses dan dihantar pada hari yang sama.

*Ini bukan jaminan yang akan kami sampaikan dalam jangka masa ini, namun kami akan menggunakan segala usaha dalam batas yang munasabah untuk menyampaikan pesanan anda kepada anda dalam waktu yang dianggarkan.

*Sebaik sahaja baucar BURGERFM telah dihantar, tiada pengubahsuaian boleh dibuat untuk baucar hadiah tersebut.
*Baucar hadiah yang dijual tidak boleh dikembalikan atau ditukar ganti.
*Baucar BURGERFM tidak boleh ditebus dengan wang tunai.
*Penggunaan setiap baucer hadiah mestilah bersempena dengan Terma dan Syarat voucher dan Syarat Penggunaan BURGERFM.
*Tiada pihak akan menerbitkan atau menggunakan sebarang pengiklanan, promosi jualan, siaran akhbar, imej wang tunai atau baucer makanan atau publisiti lain yang menanggung nama, logo, cap dagang atau tanda perkhidmatan kami tanpa kelulusan bertulis terlebih dahulu.

*Sila pastikan dan sah pesanan anda sebelum menandatangani sebarang dokumen termasuk borang penghantaran penghantaran. Sila hubungi kami dengan segera di 085420101/0128925657 (BURGERFM HOTLINE) sekiranya terdapat sebarang masalah yang timbul. BURGERFM tidak menerima apa-apa tanggungjawab untuk baucar yang hilang, dicuri atau penipuan. Apabila baucar hadiah telah diterima, ia adalah tanggungjawab penerima untuk memastikan penyimpanannya selamat.

*BURGERFM tidak akan bertanggungjawab atau bertanggungjawab terhadap apa-apa ganti rugi (sama ada, langsung, tidak langsung, istimewa atau berbangkit), lewat atau tidak penghantaran baucar hadiah, kerugian, malu, perbelanjaan muhibah atau kehilangan keuntungan